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General Labor


In need of skilled craftsmen in the GTA area? Web can help as we employ hundreds of craftsmen – in most trades – in and around the GTA area.

Each of our skilled craftsmen completes a stringent hiring process:

  • Multiple interviews by construction-experienced recruiters

  • Background check

  • Confirmation of at least three references

  • Various forms of skill testing

  • Validation of citizenship, valid drivers’ license, reliable transportation...


We provide general labor for most of the jobs, big or small also we sub contract to your exact needs, Please call for more details.


  1. Maximize Workforce Productivity
  2. Reduce SUTA / Unemployment Costs
  3. Minimize Workers' Comp Exposure
  4. Defend Against Rising Benefits Costs
  5. Reduce Hiring Costs and Hassles
  6. Protect from Labor Legislation


All you have to do is fill out the form to the left and we’ll begin to assemble a list of our best available trade employees for you!