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"I was looking for a company that I could trust to help me take my ideas and turn them into a home that I would be proud of. I learned through a disappointing experience with a previous contractor that I needed to work with someone who really cared about the little details. Trust Corporations did a fantastic job at managing all aspects of my renovation."

Trust Corporations The quality of workmanship is terrific and you guys were always there to deal with every issue." recently replaced windows and doors for Mrs. Richard of Downsview. After the work was completed she said: I liked dealing with Walid I trusted him. He was very professional. The crew was also good and they cleaned up every day.

These sentiments are echoed by Mr. Mike of Scarborough. He says: We interviewed a few different people and Walid seemed like somebody we could work with. We are very satisfied with the end result and would recommend him.

"The second renovation that we did with Walden was much smaller in scope than the first one 14 years ago. David and I are every bit as delighted with how Walid took care of our home during the renovation. We really love the attention to detail that Trust Corporations brings to the job.