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Custom Built Homes

Trust Corporations are Toronto quality Custom Builder, this innovative family-owned company has been developing unique residential solutions for over four decades, driven by our passion for high quality, design excellence, and skilled building craft.

For over 15 years the Trust Corporations family has been crafting fine homes and ‘people first’ communities in GTA

Our mission is to lead by creating Toronto's best places to live, work and call home. Is this the year we build yours?








“Our client is a professional builder and developer from the community of Iqaluit in Canada’s far north. He’s also an avid big game hunter. He came to us because of our reputation for building large houses. He told us he didn’t care how big his home was as long as it was spacious. And spacious it is.

We designed a beautiful four bedroom house, complete with spa, large kitchen with eating area and dining room. Outside, we continued the theme with a sportsperson’s Garden of Eden, complete with two trout ponds joined by a waterfall plus unique plantings of nearly 200 trees'. There’s a play structure for grandchildren. Ironically, there’s total continuity between this beautiful hunter’s house and the natural landscape, which backs on to our game reserve -- no hunting allowed, naturally.

The following quality components are standard in every home we build:

  • Meticulous, environmentally aware sighting

  • Full plywood sub-flooring (most builders use inferior chip board)

  • Full plywood roof (never chipboard)

  • All sub floors screwed and glued (never nailed) to eliminate noise

  • Kiln dried studs (to eliminate shrinkage and cracks)

  • Hardwood flooring throughout

  • Ceramic bathrooms and kitchens

  • Super-insulated to meet future energy standards with R 50 insulation in  ceilings, foam around all windows and advanced air exchangers to maintain air quality.

  • Advanced mechanical systems and wiring throughout.